1. Describe Dane in 5 words [x]

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    Kill Your Darlings, 2013
    dir. John Krokidas

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  4. "I don’t think there is any truth. Only points of view."
    — Allen Ginsberg, an American poet and a leader of the Beat Generation in the 1950s (via naeive)

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  6. "Be careful, you are not in Wonderland. I’ve heard the strange madness long growing in your soul. But you are fortunate in your ignorance, in your isolation. You who have suffered, find where love hides. Give, share, lose, lest we die, unbloomed."
    — Allen Ginsberg - Kill Your Darlings (via the-tinwoodman)

  7. Well, “Kill Your Darlings” was filled with lots of gay sexual tension and looks and death. And Daniel Radcliffe was pretty impressive.

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    Rachel Sussman

    The Oldest Living Things in the World


  10. "I wonder if we’re all so far now from who we were. I wonder if I’m here for nothing, I wonder if I’m here at all."


  11. Guest Post, Maria Hummel: My First Librarian


    Guest Post, Maria Hummel: My First Librarian

    Mrs. Blackwell’s face was wide, like a butterfly, but her eyes were small and slightly unkind. The flat planes of her cheeks began and ended with their blueness and ire. I didn’t like meeting Mrs. Blackwell’s gaze, so whenever I went to the school library, I avoided her and kept her in my peripheral vision.

    Mrs. Blackwell always dressed in navy pant-suits and sat at a broad desk in the center of…

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    This is my favorite thing on the internet.

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    These high-quality images may look like photographs of world cities at night taken by astronauts from the International Space Station – but they are painstakingly constructed from public map data and finessed by artist Marc Khachfe. See more

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  14. "You are allowed to be alive. You are allowed to be somebody different. You are allowed to not say goodbye to anybody or explain a single thing to anyone, ever."
    — Augusten Burroughs  (via la-petite-mort)

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  15. Okay, this is amazing.